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  • Before Your Move

    Before Your Move

    If you're planning to move, there’s plenty you need to organize in the months, weeks, and days leading up to moving day.

  • During Your Move

    During Your Move

    It’s moving day! Stay on top of the controlled chaos so that you will be prepared on the day of your move.

  • After Your Move

    After Your Move

    After the last box is moved in, there is still work to be done in your new home, from unpacking to meeting the neighbors.

  • Packing Guides and Tips

    Packing Guides and Tips

    Pack your belongings with ease. The right packing strategy is the key to saving you time, money, and energy before your move.

  • International Moving

    International Moving

    Preparing to relocate internationally? Avoid these common mistakes while packing and adjusting to your new life abroad.

  • Auto Transport Guides

    Auto Transport Guides

    What kind of auto shipping is right for you? Let help you weigh the pros and cons of moving your vehicle.

  • Types of Moves

    Types of Moves

    Moving services vary based on amount/weight of items and distance to be moved. Handle each type of relocation differently.

  • Truck Rentals

    Truck Rentals

    Understand the challenges associated with renting a truck – like driving tips, size necessary, and questions to ask the company.

  • University Student Moving

    University Student Moving

    Moving into a dorm? Get the crash course on making your move to college easier and more cost efficient.

  • Green Moving

    Green Moving

    Pack, plan, move, and set up your new home with an eco-friendly mindset and packing materials.

  • Moving Company Interviews

    Moving Company Interviews

    We interviewed top movers to see what sets their company above the rest and what professional advice they can share.

  • DIY Guides

    DIY Guides

    DIY projects are an easy and budget-friendly way to decorate, clean, and install new fixtures in your home without a professional’s help.

  • Relocation & Mortgage Tools

    Relocation & Mortgage Tools

    From cost of living to getting to know the area you plan to move to - these tools and calculators will make you a moving pro.

  • Real Estate

    Real Estate

    If you’re buying, renting, or selling a home, learn to save money and close on the deal from real estate experts.

  • Mortgage


    Know how to be prepare your finances, and get approved for a mortgage on the new home you deserve.

  • Daily Living

    Daily Living

    Keep your house in great shape with these safety precautions, home maintenance guides, and general household tips.

  • Apartment Guides

    Apartment Guides

    Use these tips to avoid apartment rental scams and roommate problems while negotiating the lease and maximizing space.

  • Home Improvement 101

    Home Improvement 101

    From replacing an outlet to finishing the basement, follow these step-by-step home renovation tips to add value to your house.

  • Moving to City Guides and Tips

    Moving to City Guides and Tips

    You’ll want to know about the climate, neighborhood, living costs, and other important details before moving to these cities.

  • Printables


    From packing checklists to moving announcements, provides a variety of printables for all your moving needs.

  • Top 10 Lists

    Top 10 Lists

    From packing tips to forgotten moving tasks, the “Top 10” lists help you prepare for your relocation from start to finish.

  • Moving Videos

    Moving Videos offers a variety of helpful videos -- from easy recipes to our web-series in which we test common moving tricks.

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