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Why Movers-int.com?
Because to call on professionals in a domain one does not control often turns out to be a real assault course. Devis-demenageurs-internationaux.ch helps you write up your quotation request accurately. How can one find a good removal firm? The best way is to let removal firms come to you, compete against each other, and then you choose.
What's the main principle of devis-demenageurs-internationaux.ch?
Thanks to devis-demenageurs-internationaux.ch, you avoid all those tedious searches through the directory and you do not waste time contacting the available removal professionals yourself to obtain a removal quotation. Your request for a quotation is forwarded to the removal firms you need immediately after we have checked your file. Once the removal firms have contacted you, you can choose without obligation the one which best corresponds to your requirements (cost, time/dates, etc.) This is the principle of comparative quotations.
Yes, absolutely, devis-demenageurs-internationaux.ch provides an entirely free service to those who need it (individuals or companies).
Our remuneration?
Our remuneration comes solely from a fixed amount obtained from the removal professionals for each quotation request they receive.
We have no commission fee, which ensures that you receive the cheapest quotations. Hence, we are neutral intermediaries: in terms of the information contained in your quotation request, only those removal firms that are available and correspond point by point to your needs will contact you.
Selection of our partner removal firms?
In order to work with devis-demenageurs-internationaux.ch, service providers undertake to respect the following principles:
To make only proposals they know they can fulfil
To honour the commitments made when the quotation is signed and accepted by the client (time/date, cost, service quality, etc.)
To answer all the quotation requests received within 3 working days, even in the negative
To draw up conforming and contractual quotations
To hire competent staff
To draw up a quotation before any intervention
Not to reveal any information given by those requesting a quotation other than that which is needed to calculate the quotation
To be registered as professionals and to have a Siret number
How many quotations are you going to receive?
Up to 4. Your quotation request will be sent to those removal firms answering your needs (international transport, storage, date availability, etc.). You will receive only the first 5 answers from removal firms, which will ensure that you are not inundated by telephone calls.
What happens once the removal firm has received my quotation request?
The professional firm is obliged to contact you; all the information you have provided in the online forms will be used to select the firm most likely to meet your needs, which ensures that you do not waste time.
Then, what do you do with my personal data? Can they be used without my knowing?
All the information which is collected for a quotation request is necessary to deal with your request.
We undertake not to communicate this information for any other purpose.

    Requesting a quotation

You receive up to 4 quotations

It takes less than 5 minutes to complete your request

You receive your first quotations within
48 hours

You compare and choose in your
own time
Whether it's a move for an individual or a company, domestic or international, the partners of Devis - demenageurs will respond to all your requests.