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If you are planning to move to a new place and are worried about moving your car across the country, we're here to the rescue. Avail our car shipping quotes and get your car shipped without any hassle.

Benefits of using a car shipping service

Using a car shipping service is the most logical and suitable option to transport your car. It not only ensures protection of your vehicle against damage but it's also quite economic. Mentioned here are some undeniable benefits of using a car transport service.

  • Handled by professionals - Since your car will be handled by professionals, there would be less of a chance that any accidents or any external damage would happen. They would make sure that your vehicle is handled with care and utmost precision.

  • No expenditure on fuel - Driving your car around would result in a considerable amount of expenditure on fuel. With auto transport, you can avoid such expenses and reduce the overall cost to a significant extent. Considering the exorbitant fuel prices, this is quite a commendable benefit of not moving the car yourself.

  • Faster and safer - Transporting your car through car shipping companies would mean a faster and safer commute for your vehicle. Not only will it save all the time that you would have taken to drive all the way to your new place, but it would also reduce the possibility of you being injured in case of a mishap on the road.

  • Insurance cover - Car shipping companies make sure that your car is insured before they move it so that even if there is a mishap, you don't have to bear the loss. They will inspect the vehicle properly before and after the move so as to take into account any damage that may have occurred during the commute.

  • Convenient - Since there are so many other things to worry about during a move, it's a great relief if you can rely on a company to move your car while you worry about the rest of your belongings. After all, there are endless number of things that could go wrong on the moving day and anything that can take that weight off your shoulders would definitely help you manage the rest of the things a lot more efficiently.

  • No stress - Driving is stressful, especially when you have to do it non-stop for a long distance. You have to deal with a heavy traffic on the way, pay the toll, and keep a constant eye on the road until you reach the destination. However, by availing a paid service, you can avoid all this stress and simply focus on other important things. You won't even have to take a day off from work or put other important chores on hold as you can rely on a reputed company for the task.

Factors that decide the cost of shipping a car

When you decide to avail auto transport services for your move, the first thing to think about is the cost of shipping. It's important to note that there is no specific answer for this as there are several factors that determine this cost. Ranging from the distance to be covered during shipping to the type of transport, various aspects are taken into consideration to calculate the cost when companies ship a vehicle.

Car Shipping

Mentioned below are some common factors that affect the car shipping quotes:

  • Distance covered in shipping - The longer the distance of shipping, the higher the cost is. Moving your car to a nearby place will cost you less than moving it across the country. When we talk about long distance shipping, it also includes labor, fuel, and toll charges which ultimately raise the final cost.

  • Make and model of the vehicle - The make and model of your car plays a significant role in determining the auto transport quote. Usually, luxury cars, sedans and SUVs cost more than regular hatchbacks depending on the maintenance needs.

  • Season during the shipping - Usually, most families tend to move during the summer months and hence cost of shipping could be quite high during this season. So, you need to be extra careful while picking the time of the relocation, if it's in your hands. While planning for the move, you can also make an informed decision by checking the rates and enquiring whether the carrier offers any discount during the off-season.

  • Size of the vehicle - The heavier your vehicle, the higher the cost of the shipping will be. This is because the car carriers may have a limited capacity as to the amount of weight they can carry. From a compact four-wheeler to a mini van, the cost incurred by the carrier to move your vehicle for every 1,000 miles would decide the final price.

  • Method used for shipping - The cost of shipping a car also varies according to the type of carrier used in the transport. For example, enclosed auto transport is more expensive than open-air carrier transport. Usually people choose the enclosed carriers and are ready to pay more if they have high end luxury cars or sports vehicles with a modified body that needs to be protected during transit.

  • Location of pickup and delivery - The shipment of vehicles is easily available in urban areas which is why the cost of shipping is relatively low as opposed to the services availed in rural areas. Due to extra time and fuel, remote areas tend to shoot up the cost. For example, if your destination is a major city like New York or Chicago, it would incur less cost as these places are common routes for such services. Meanwhile for less small areas, the driver will have to change his route especially for your vehicle which would ultimately mean a higher price.

Choosing between open air and enclosed auto transport

There are two types of carriers in which auto transport services can ship a vehicle, as explained below:

  • Open Air Carriers - Open air carriers are the most common vehicles used for auto transport. These are easy to find, reliable, and fit into your budget. Reportedly, 90% of the companies use these kinds of carriers which would mean you can avail the best possible coverage as well as rates by opting for this category. However, the only problem with this type of carrier is that your car is subject to the external damage caused by extreme weather conditions.

  • Enclosed Auto Transport - With the enclosed auto transport, you can ship your car quite safely. Also, these carry a limited number of vehicles, so you can expect a quick delivery of your car. Although this service will cost you more because of the limited carrying capacity, it is the best option for extravagant luxury cars or customized vehicles that are delicate and hold a special sentimental value for the owners.

    To sum it up, one can choose either of the carriers depending on his/her needs and budget. If you have to restrict yourself to a limited budget and own a regular four-wheeler that doesn't need much protection during transit, an open carrier would be the most suitable option for you. However, if you are willing to spend some extra bucks to ensure complete safety of your high end luxury car and don't want to wait for long, the enclosed carriers would be perfect for the shipping.

Door-to-Door vs Terminal-to-Terminal Transport

The delivery services used by companies can be of two types as mentioned below:

  • Door-to-Door - In this method, the auto transport company picks up the vehicle from your doorstep and delivers it to the required destination. However, if you are residing in an area which is not accessible for the carrier, you would need a big space for the loading and unloading. In such a case, you'll have to look for an area which is spacious enough for the moving truck or trailer to load or unload your vehicle.

  • Terminal-to-Terminal - In this method, the customer has to provide the pick up and drop off points to load and unload the vehicle. Although it won't be the exact spot outside your door, you can still choose a nearby place so that's convenient for you. It's cheaper than the door-to-door service as you'll have to cover that extra distance to the submitted location.

Preparing your vehicle before availing a auto transport service

Before you go on to book a car transport service, make sure that you make all the necessary preparations. You need to follow the steps mentioned below to get your vehicle ready for shipping:

  • Take note of the existing damage - Start with giving your car a good wash and take note of all the damage that the car carries while it's with you. You can also take photographs to remember all the dents, scratches, etc.

  • Remove your personal belongings from the car - Since the car is likely to be inspected at numerous places during the shipping, it will be transported without being locked. So, make sure that you remove all your personal belongings as well as toll tags and parking passes from inside the car.

  • Inspect the gas, fluids, and tire pressure - If there is any leakage problem with the car, make sure that you report it to the transporter then and there. Also, check your battery charge, tire pressure, and leave the tank to a quarter of gas. This would make the vehicle light and easy for transport.

  • Get it ready for loading and unloading - The final step is to fold back the mirrors, retract the antenna and remove special items like fog lights. Also remember to turn off the alarm in the car and make sure the driver knows how to operate it in case it goes on.

Why should you rely on to ship a vehicle?

Shipping a car is tedious and risky. You can't afford to go wrong in choosing a company for your auto transport. With an aim to help you make an informed decision, gives you multiple, free quotes from several car shipping companies. These quotes allow you to compare prices and pick out the best available option that complies with your budget.

We are associated with some of the most reputed and trustworthy names in the business. The shipping companies that we work with are licensed, insured and well-versed with all the required know-how. We understand your transportation needs and intend to give you the best customer service backed by years of experience that you can count on.

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