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Best moving truck accessories for relocating easily

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Asked by Mark

March 18, 2022 under Moving Truck Rental

Let’s identify those moving truck accessories that can assist you to move by yourself.

Answered by Staff Writer

March 18, 2022

Did you just plan a DIY move? Are you wondering what moving truck accessories you should buy to make your move easier? Don't worry because all truck rental services will provide you with the right truck accessories that will make your move safer, smoother, and more efficient.

If you do a DIY move, you should be able to find out the various expenses that you may come across during the move. This would include the cost of truck accessories that can help you move easily and safely, like a moving blanket or a dolly.

Also, if you are using these accessories you will get to know the total cost well in advance. However, if you don’t need them, you can save more money. Still, spending on these accessories would be a worthwhile investment for you.

List of moving truck accessories assisting in a DIY move

Here we will suggest a few beneficial truck accessories, which you should explore if ever you plan to make a DIY move.

  • Hand Truck - If you find moving by yourself challenging, perhaps you are not aware of the appropriate moving equipment which can help you move heavy furniture or appliances and moving boxes easily. A hand truck that can lift heavy items like these should be given the first preference in the truck accessories list if you want to reduce stress. With the use of a hand truck, you can successfully prevent back injury and save time which otherwise you would have wasted moving heavy items out of the house and loading them into the truck.
  • Furniture Pads - Are you moving a whole house full of items? If yes, surely you will experience some hustle at the back of the cargo van. In worst situations, chances are there that your valuable items might either break or get damaged due to wobbling around in the moving truck. We would recommend you heavy-duty furniture pads that will cover most appliances or furniture and will prevent scratches or even cuts on your precious items. You should place the furniture pads in between your furniture as this would protect it from scratches, dings as well as dents.
  • Packing Supplies - Packing tapes, moving boxes are a few such moving packing supplies that you will get at most of the truck rental companies. Buying packing supplies for a move might seem costly for you until you realize the range of benefits it has got to offer you. For instance, if you plan to use five-year-old moving boxes just to save money, chances are there that these boxes can collapse anytime during the move. The same would be applicable for packing tape as they might lose their adhesiveness in five years.
  • Car Carrier - You will get car carriers or trailers at any truck rental company which can be used in almost all vehicles. Mostly, people use these trailers when they need to ship either an all-wheel-drive vehicle or a four-wheel-drive vehicle. If you are using a car carrier, the wheels of your vehicle will be off the ground and on the trailer itself. We recommend this for all moving trucks of 16 feet or even more.
  • Car Dolly - This is another type of trailer, particularly needed for towing front-wheel-drive vehicles. You can use a car dolly to lift the front wheel of your car off the pavement and tow the car by only resting the rear wheel on the ground. Again, standard size of 16 feet or a larger truck can hold a car dolly.

Now that you know about the different truck accessories and their uses you can use them to make your DIY move easier. You need not worry anymore about where to buy these accessories as you will get them from the truck rental company you choose itself.

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