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A Guide To Shipping A Car With Personal Items

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Shipping a car with personal items seems like a logical thing to do when you are moving, but there are various challenges associated with it that you need to be aware of. Instead of bringing down the cost of your move, you could end up paying a lot more by loading your car with additional items. Moreover, there are several other factors such as legal issues, risk of theft, and insurance that need to be considered before shipping a car with personal items.

Shipping Car with Personal Items

Here is everything you need to know regarding legality, risk, and insurance when you're shipping a car.

Legal issues

The Department of Transportation forbids shipping a car with personal items and this rule has been upheld by federal law. If a company violates it, they can be fined up to $10,000. As a result, auto transport companies strictly enforce the 'No Packing Policy' to avoid such a hefty fine.

TIP: The maximum amount of additional weight companies will allow inside your car is 100 pounds.

The shipping company will take no responsibility for items inside the car if you refuse to abide by the federal law. In order to avoid run-ins with the law, it is in your best interest to not pack personal belongings in the car. Auto transport companies tend to do their best to make sure that you aren't packing on any extra weight to your car, so don't even think about trying to fool them!

Excess weight

When shipping a car, the amount you pay depends on how much your car weighs. Any extra items will increase the overall weight and tip the company off.

If you pack a bunch of heavy suitcases in your trunk, your car is going to weigh more than what the shipping company expected. Little light things like CD cases or phone chargers won't be a hassle for the shipping company, but don't leave anything in your car that you value greatly.

Some auto transport companies will allow car shipping with personal items for an additional price. However, the price you pay to ship those items in your car might greatly outweigh the cost of shipping them separately, so make sure that you do all your research to avail the cheapest possible way to move.

Lack of insurance

Car shipping companies do not insure you for the belongings you place inside your car. The items you pack away in your trunk are very much vulnerable to theft as they make their two-week journey across the country. Not to mention that the truck shipping your car will often make stops at rest areas, giving burglars the perfect opportunity to break in and steal your personal items. The only way to assure that your belongings stay safe is to not pack them in your vehicle when being shipped.

Since it is illegal to pack extra items in your car while shipping it, there is no way for the company to offer insurance on your items. And while companies will allow a certain number of items to remain inside during shipping, there are three strict limitations for car shipping with personal items:

  • Everything must be below the window's height or inside the trunk.
  • The total weight of the goods must be under 100 pounds.
  • Items must not include alcohol, drugs, explosives, flammable items, firearms, or anything illegal.

If you do choose to leave anything in the car, inform the company and the driver. A professional and trusted auto transport company will be committed to your vehicle's safety. Although they will not be legally bound to insure your items, the company should be committed to providing you the best service possible.

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