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How to handle small moves easily?

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Asked by Linda

March 18, 2022 under Moving Companies

To learn how to make a small move read on

Answered by Staff Writer

March 18, 2022

Managing a move easily without any problems seems like building a castle in the air. Each time you relocate, you know that you will come across numerous unexpected issues and the whole journey will be stressful for you. If you choose the right techniques, you can easily move to a new house staying calm and coherent. Mostly, this applies to small moves where you may not need to plan much.

Before we proceed to learn ways of managing a small move easily, let's find out what we can classify as a small move.

4 types of Small Moves

  1. Moving down the lane - If you are moving within the same locality, it would be considered a small move. Though you are making a small move you may still have to move your complete household items.
  2. Leaving a college dorm - Leaving a college dorm isn’t only emotional, but it also gets difficult unless you organize it properly. You will need to pile up all the items which you might have maintained in the college dorm throughout the years.
  3. Moving specialty items - You will have to hire professional movers if you are moving specialty items like pool tables, a piano, bathtubs, artwork, and appliances.
  4. One-bedroom or studio apartment - If you are moving to a one-bedroom apartment you won’t have too many items to move.

3 Things to consider before making a small move

  1. Moving timetable - You need to give sufficient time to enfold the organization of your move. For example, you will need to get the keys to your new house, pack your belongings as well as donate or store your items.
  2. Store only what you need- Consider storing only those items which you may need in the future. If you do so, perhaps small storage units would serve your purpose. We recommend you store the seasonal gear you have like fishing gear, bike or skies, and other random items in and around your college dorm or apartment. You can use moving containers to store your belongings.
  3. Make an estimate - If you don't plan a small move properly, it might turn out to be costly. We suggest creating a budget well in advance so that you can keep track of the various expenses you need to make. If you have a high budget, then, of course, you can hire professional movers, who will do your tasks easily reducing your stress. If your apartment doesn’t have an elevator and the movers need to go up and down the stairs, your estimate can increase.

Steps to handle a small move easily

If you want to relocate efficiently to your new home, consider the guidelines given below:

Choose a professional mover who specializes in small moves- You don't need to hire full-service movers if you need to make a small move. Instead, you can hire labor-only movers. Also, you can hire moving companies that specialize in small moves or those that will move specialty items for you.

  • Book a moving container - Booking a moving container can be the simplest way to manage a small move. Since you are moving to a small space, you don't need to carry too many items with you. This will make the moving container a perfect fit for small moves, where you can fit all your moving boxes into a single moving container. Also, you will have the option to keep the moving container for a certain amount of time until you have sorted out your house after the move.
  • Hire a small trailer, van, or truck - Whether you are making a local move or a small move, you will need to transport your belongings to the new location. You can choose between a small moving van, small truck, or trailer depending on the number of items you have for moving.
  • Move by yourself using a car - If you don’t have any heavy furniture or too many items to move, you can easily move by yourself in a car. Just load the moving boxes and bags into the car and head your way to the new house. Even if all your items don’t fit in the car you can do multiple trips to transport all your belongings.

Tip: If you think you can do the heavy lifting by yourself, you can consider making a DIY move by either renting a truck or using your car for the same.

How to pack for a small move?

Based on the total items you need to move, consider buying packing supplies that will help you to suitably pack your belongings and make them ready for the move.

List of Packing materials you need to arrange

  • Solid moving boxes
  • Packing tapes
  • Moving blanket
  • Padding materials

While packing your valuables you should be careful about the dimensions and weight of your items. If you have expensive or very precious items, you should consider hiring professional moving companies to pack them as you might not want to break or damage them.

The right time to schedule small movers

It is a good idea to schedule movers for a small move two months in advance. Mostly, during the summer months, good moving companies get booked quickly so make sure to schedule yours as soon as possible.

By now you must have an idea of some of the best ways to make a small move easily. Go ahead and choose the option which you think would be most suitable for moving your belongings to your new home. Don’t take the risk of moving by yourself if you have specialty items to move instead consider hiring professionals who would pack and move such items for you.

Visit and check out the numerous services it can offer you. Also, you can request a quote depending on the services you chose.

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