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How to move during the peak season?

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Asked by Aline

March 22, 2022 under Moving Companies

We will identify a few ways in which we can move smoothly during a peak season.

Answered by Staff Writer

March 23, 2022

moving during peak seasonWhen is the right time to make a move? Your situation and individual opinions will help you identify if relocating in the peak season would be an ideal option for you. The peak moving season begins in April and continues until October. During the season, you will find several moving trucks on the road and many new people moving to the United States.

If you are planning to move during the peak season, the guide will provide you with all the information you need to know.

Benefits of moving during the peak season

  • Since the weather gets warmer around this time, you may feel tempted towards making a move. Winter isn't the right time to move because of lesser daylight, freezing hands, snowfall, rainfall, and a greater risk of accidents and injuries.
  • If you move during the summer, the academic session of schools will end by then and you will feel less stressed as well. Moving at a time when school is going on, the kids won't get enough time to take part in the moving process.
  • You can also enjoy the garage during the peak moving season in the summertime. Before moving into a new house, you often plan to declutter your old belongings and make more space in your house. Also, you need to decide which items you want to donate, sell, or throw away. Once you know which items you want to sell you can host a garage sale and make an extra income.

Drawbacks of moving during the peak season

  • Of course, it may sound easier for you to make a move during the summer, but here are a few disadvantages which you can’t ignore.
  • Moving during the peak season can be costly as the prices shoot up high at this time. We recommend you schedule your move in advance before the moving season as you might want to enjoy a good deal.
  • Mostly, all moving companies are booked during the peak season, so it might get difficult for you to schedule your move. Perhaps, this can make things stressful for you as you will have to look at other moving companies and manage other tasks related to your move.
  • If you decide to move during the peak season, it would be difficult for you to choose a suitable date. You will find the movers to be busy on most days, especially when it comes to the weekends. In a nutshell, this will compel you to change your moving date as per its availability and not as per your convenience.
  • Moving in the peak season will force you to experience traffic congestion and parking issues.

Still, if you can’t avoid moving in the summertime, you can consider the following trends that would make your move easier.

  • Weekday - You can consider moving during a weekday if you must move in the peak season. Yet there are many cases, when the movers would be busy on even Monday and Thursday. Weekend- You need to avoid moving on a weekend if you have decided to move in the peak season. Approximately, 55% of the moves in the USA are either made on a Friday, Saturday, or Monday. We recommend you avoid moving on these days.
  • Month-End - Month-ends are chaos in the moving industry. You should avoid such dates if you have plans to move during the peak season.
  • Month Beginning - The beginning of a month has the highest demand in the moving industry. June 1 and August 1 are the two busiest days that you should avoid if you must move during the peak season.
  • Middle of the Month - It is a good idea to make your move in the middle of the month if you can't avoid moving during the peak season.
  • Holiday - You should avoid moving on a holiday like on 4th July, Labor Day weekend, or Memorial Day.

Moving Discounts

You can check for the numerous discounts that would be applicable during the peak season that can reduce the cost of your move.

Pack your household items in advance

If you choose to hire a moving crew to pack your belongings, your cost may go up significantly. So, if you want to reduce your moving costs during the peak season, you can consider packing your items in advance and making them ready for shipment.

Preparing for the drive

  • You must service your car before you start making the move.
  • If you have hired a truck rental, consider doing a test drive before driving it on the highway.
  • You should plan your route, look for an overpass as this would make it easier for you to drive your rental truck on certain roads.

How to beat the heat?

  • Keep water bottles, perishables, and snacks in a small cooler with you during the move.
  • If the heat is unbearable, you can carry cold washcloths to maintain coolness.
  • You must wear light-colored and lightweight outfits as well as carry a portable fan along with you.
  • If the weather seems too hot, you can decide to turn on the AC of your new house before you reach there. We recommend you do this a night before so that your new house is cool enough and tolerable.
  • Pay attention to those items like the electronics that need to be kept in a temperature-controlled setting, as you would be moving in the peak season.

Hire a pet sitter

Are you worried about losing your pet on a moving day? The movers will leave the doors open to do their work easily, but this can be dangerous for your pets as they might run away. It would be a good idea to arrange for a pet sitter who can take care of your pet, while you make a move during the peak season.


You must schedule your move in advance if you need to move during the peak season. By doing so you will get enough time to hire professional movers and not create chaos. However, if you think your dates are flexible, you should consider moving in the off-season.

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