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License Info: FMC- 026891N
Year of Estd: 11/6/2017

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Transparent International
31-00 47th Ave
Long Island CityNY 11101 USA

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Toll Free: 800-526-8133
Phone: 212-655-9799
Fax: 718-310-6210

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No Photo Lina
February 7, 2022



I reached out to transparent and spoke to Paul who was responsible for giving me the estimates and there till they had me, I paid, and then it goes to another department. There were many warning signs, but since I was a novice I missed them. He didn't need to do a video call to see the items in order to give me an estimate, in fact Paul said he didn't even need measurements, just wanted me to name the items like dining table, buffet etc. Now this is where I should have exited, but I thought this meant he was so experienced!!!! It is impossible to get a near accurate estimate until the moving company has actually seen the items , so they can assess the cubic feet, number of pellets that will be needed etc Whatever reservations I had, and the pitfalls I had been warned against, did eventually happen, although I discussed them with you, informing you to do whatever was needed to give me as near an accurate estimate and quote as possible. I trusted them at face value and voiced my fears very explicitly that that I did not want to be in a situation where after the shipment has been picked, and I am helpless, the cubic weight doubles as does the amount I have to pay, regardless of the estimate! Several friends had warned me against this scam. And that is exactly what happened. I was very accurate in pictures I emailed, measurements and items I wanted to ship, and can see there may and could be some difference and increase but not double! This shows poor conduct, and inefficiency on part of Transparent International , and complete lack of experience. Else it is just a way to prey on human greed and ignorance, knowing that the initial low quote will lure the customer, and once trapped the client has no choice but to pay whatever you ask for. Poor strategy and I cannot see this paying off long term at all. Needless to say my estimate of $3280 dollars became $6000 odd dollars after the shipment had been picked up and I was tied in and at their mercy. There can be some variation of course, but the volume and cost cannot double, it is clearly an unscrupulous and unethical way in which the company functions and lures customers, preying on human greed for the best value. This is a short version of the torture, please be aware of that. Once I paid my deposit, there were different people I was coordinating with, and it was not a great experience at all. The destination agent in India has still not cleared my shipment, despite it arriving on January 2nd 2022, more than a month ago, so it tell you that they are short changing the customer at every step, using substandard companies. I have no clue what lies ahead, how much more I will have to pay, when I will get my shipment and in what condition it will be! This has been an awful. traumatising experience, and I would advise no one to go anywhere near Transparent Interna

Origin : New Hampshire
Destination : India

Quoted Price : $3,280.00
Actual Price : $5,980.00

No Photo Jane
December 1, 2021


Still in a warehouse in the Texas.. ...

The salesman represented that my upfront fee would be door to door, cover customs, and cover preparing my piano for shipment. I made the decision to keep my piano rather than sell and buy someone else's piano in Mexico based upon the salesman representations They represented six weeks max, but most likely less. It's been five weeks now, and the piano is still in Texas... I'm not even assured it will get through customs.... And then God only knows how long it will be transported around Mexico. We had a blow-up on the day the movers showed up at my house in Texas. They did not speak English, and had obviously never seen a piano in their lives. I had paid for a professional piano service to secure the keyboard and provide packets to absorb humidity during the transfer. I had to show these "professional movers" how to disassemble the piano. And now, after it's been sitting in Texas for over five weeks , no where even close to my home in Mexico, they sent me an invoice for $2,600 for the piano crating. First of all, it was supposed to be included from the beginning. And I had to get out of the house I sold, so I had to agree under duress to let these clearly unqualified movers disassemble my piano. The two guys spent less than an hour, and I had to supervise and tell them what to do! That should be $200.. Not $2600! And even though I've already paid the $1800 import taxes I wasn't expecting based on our original agreement, my piano and family heirlooms of four generations are still in a warehouse in Texas. I don't have $2600. This has gone from a $4800 move to $9000, and no hope in sight that I will ever be reunited with my piano. I was working on a composition for my 93 year old Dad. Mom passed in 2020. Dad liked one of my other compositions and asked me to write one for him. It's titled "Strawberry Blonde", because Mom had light red hair. On their first date, Dad asked her, "Is your hair red or strawberry blonde". Dad loved the lyrics I wrote, but I didn't finish the musical composition before the move. Now it's looking like Dad will pass before I have the opportunity to finish the song on my piano.

Origin : dallas texas
Destination : cancun mexico

Quoted Price : $4,800.00
Actual Price : $9,000.00

No Photo Dorsel
October 16, 2021


You’re better off selling everything!

*****My life would have been simpler and healthier selling everything I owned instead of working with Transparent!***** Bottom Line Up Front: Expect over 50% cost increases Expect not to be informed of delays Expect to be dodged by customer service and management Expect to pay ~$33K to make your home livable while you wait Expect not to be able to plan vacation because you are using PTO for medical treatments because you’re sleeping on an air mattress and aggravating a VA rated combat disability. Expect to be disappointed I contacted Transparent to conduct an OCONUS to CONUS move for me on behalf of my former employer and the Government in May 2021. The sales staff was aggressive , and I advocated for the company with my former employer, although the company was the highest bidder. I mistook the aggressiveness of the sales team for hands on customer service (boy was I wrong). I was originally told that my shipment was delayed due to container unavailability; however, my shipment was packed in its own container. No two answers are the same, and none feel honest. Communications with the imports team are atrocious. I firmly believe my calls are being dodged (on. October 15th, I was on hold for an hour and a half when calling from the phone number on file. While on hold I called from a friend’s phone and was connected with someone immediately. After that I was disconnected, called back from the friend’s number and was placed directly on long term hold, so I spoofed a phone number and like magic was connected.) I am not called back for updates at agreed upon times, and e-mails are not returned in a timely manner. Emails go unanswered, and my former employer’s logistics team gets conflicting information about delivery, management availability, and *NEW* outstanding invoices, while I am told that there is nothing the company can do. I have not been able to speak to a manager about the issues, being told they only take select customer phone calls, and then told the ENTIRE management chain went to a conference. I have an upcoming legal necessity for my furniture, as well as a combat related disability that has been aggrieved by sleeping on an air mattress since May. Transparent International is costing me paid time off spent for additional medical treatments, I have had to purchase a new vehicle, new couches, TV, Dining Table, pots and pans, kitchen appliances, work desk, television, and professional clothing and medical aids due to the company’s inability to provide logistical support to the move. I am now replacing bedroom furniture because Transparent International will not deliver the goods, give an estimated date, or allow me to self recover my items (which are allegedly in a warehouse 30 minutes from my home. Although the status of my household goods have been “reported “ I have no information on my vehicle.

Origin : Stuttgart, DE
Destination : Leavenworth, KS

Quoted Price : $15,000.00
Actual Price : $21,500.00

No Photo Benjamin
July 20, 2021


Avoid at all costs

Whatever you do,stay away from this company. They believe it's okay not to call you back,have a "few slip through the cracks" and overcharge for every service. They subcontracted my move to the worst rated mover in my area and he was a two time no show. Transparent didn't even bother to have a staff man their phones after hours to deal with problems as promised. The only redeeming quality is their manager Thomas Walker that quickly refunded my money and the one employee that actually called me back as promised,I think his name was Andy. Here are my two cents to International Movers - Only subcontract your work to people you stand behind and are proud of,otherwise you look just as bad as them.

Origin : Tacoma, WA
Destination : Germany

Quoted Price : $14,000.00

No Photo Lex
October 20, 2020


So glad we found Transparent ...

I am so relieved that we found Steve at Transparent International. We were contemplating a big move from Boulder, CO to Bordeaux, France - and the fear of a nightmare bad scenario happening to all of our books was very palpable. But out of all of the companies I talked to, Steve was the most friendly, knowledgable and best at putting us at ease. And then the whole move happened just like he said it would. The moving crew showed up (and they wore masks the whole time) and efficiently took out all our boxes. Plus, they were very kind

Origin : Boulder, CO
Destination : Bordeaux, Frace

Quoted Price : $3,500.00
Actual Price : $3,500.00

No Photo Catherine
May 29, 2020


US to Belgium

I have moved internationally in the past more than once, so I consider myself well versed in the process. I have not, however relocated during a global pandemic! After successful receiving all my items, I can say that my move from Chicago to Brutes was exceptional despite current circunstances. I opted for a video estimate, which was both thorough and social distance compliant. It also turned out to be quite accurate. Every aspect of this move was competently handled and successful. Exceptional work. I'd also like to note that I was happy to see that the movers on both sides were all wearing masks and gloves the entire time.

Origin : Chicago, IL
Destination : Bruges, Belgium

Quoted Price : $7,841.00
Actual Price : $8,027.00

No Photo Louis
January 20, 2020


Great Service

Was previously using a different company for shipments to my buyers in Europe and Asia. Decided to give these guys a try after a billing dispute that wasn't handled to my liking. What a difference! I don't usually leave reviews but these guys really got it done. Professional. Competent. Straight-forward. No problems. No nonsense. Communication was terrific. Movers came on time and loaded my boxes quickly. Very satisfied customer. Will be using transparent again for sure. Thanks guys

Origin : Brookline, Ma
Destination : Lorraine, France

Quoted Price : $2,590.00
Actual Price : $2,590.00

No Photo Adnan
March 27, 2019


Referred to Transparent International

I was referred to Transparent International by a friend who's company uses them for relocating employees overseas. They apparently have a wide array of global mobility services they offer but I didn't need much help other than getting my stuff to the states. One of their agents in Beijing prepared my move and got all of my stuff ready to ship. They packed my boxes and created an inventory list and brought my stuff to the port to ship. There was some radio silence for a bit once that happened and that's the reason I gave them 4 stars. I had to reach out for an update which I didn't like that I had to initiate. I was pointed to an email that gave a timeline of what to expect and things fell in place with that chain of events. In the end I got an email when my shipment arrived and was clearing customs. Once it was cleared through customs I was contacted by a guy named Anthony who scheduled my delivery. 1 item was damaged but it wasn't anything crazy and I understand damages happen and that why I took insurance. Anyway I did thank my friend for the referral since the only snafu was the fact that they went a little silent throughout the process.

Origin : Beijing, China
Destination : Milburn, NJ

Quoted Price : $8,200.00
Actual Price : $9,150.00

No Photo Amari
May 30, 2018


Great Move

Had to make the move from beautiful Miami to beautiful Paris. I submitted online for some quotes and some companies were really cheap in price, almost too cheap to be good so that made me nervous. Obviously didn't want to spend a fortune but also didn't want to have my things lost or destroyed or whatever other nightmare can come about. So when I was contacted by the good fellow at Transparent I was pretty happy with their quote. It was pretty easy dealing with them and getting an idea of how things were going down with my move. I appreciate having the communication there and it was very open and clean cut. No gimmicks. No bs. Just straight up and forward. Very direct. If I ever need to move again this is the only company I would work with, but hoping to be able to stay and enjoy Paris a but longer.

Origin : Miami, FL
Destination : Paris, France

Quoted Price : $5,000.00
Actual Price : $5,000.00

No Photo Judy
May 20, 2018


Moved my daughter back from France

I chose Transparent International to help get my daughter home. She moved to France to marry the love of her life supposedly. 3 years later she's coming back home. Thank you Francois. Anyway I spoke with 3 companies. Transparents price was dead smack in the middle. Nothing eventful from the move back home. Everything went smoothly. There was an additional charge for packing some items as my daughter didnt have everything ready but really no complaints. Her stuff got here when it was supposed to with no damages.

Origin : Paris, France
Destination : New York, NY

Quoted Price : $2,200.00
Actual Price : $2,450.00

No Photo Jessica
May 8, 2018


Best move ever

Every couple of years I need to move anywhere in the world for my job. This particular move I was heading to Qatar (Not my first international move). I spoke with Jamie Goldberg who was quite informative. He was very open, honest, thorough with my quote as well as what was needed of me. Seeing as though this wasn't my first rodeo, I knew what to expect more or less. Each country is a little different with certain requirements and Jamie was well versed and prepared me for what I needed and what I should expect with regards to my move and belongings. He was also easy to talk to and was available for questions I may have had. We kept an open line of communication and it all worked out quite flawless actually.

Origin : Arizona
Destination : Qatar

Quoted Price : $4,000.00
Actual Price : $4,000.00

No Photo Victor
May 7, 2018


Miami to Lisbon with Transparent ...

I selected the company Transparent International for my move to Lisbon. Stressing over every little detail I probably wasn't the easiest customer to work with. Sorry. In the end Transparent showed me that I had nothing to stress about when it came to my move. This is a short term move and transparent reps advised they can assist in reverse as well and help with my move back to the states when ready. 1 less thing to stress about when I head back next year.

Origin : Miami, Fl
Destination : Lisbon, Portugal

Quoted Price : $2,840.00
Actual Price : $3,250.00

No Photo Janet
April 21, 2018


Good Service

We relocated back to England after a long stay in the states. We hired Transparent to facilitate the process and it was done not only in a timely fashion,but with no broken items,and as contracted. They were professional from the New York movers to the delivery crew in London. Very good experience- they made it easy and we will use them again for international shipments. To the team at Transparent- all of our goods were well received with many thanks. I recommend this company.

Origin : New york
Destination : Gbr

Quoted Price : $5,687.00
Actual Price : $5,992.00

No Photo Ellen
April 5, 2018


My move abroad

I used transparent to ship my belongings from California to France using a 40ft container. The moving team came bright and early and did all of the packing of boxes , and special wrapping of my larger antique furniture and paintings. They did a wonderful job and left for the night to come back in the morning with the container to start the loading aspect of the move. After everything was loaded they locked the container up with a one time seal and provided me with serial number and a picture of it to ensure it had not been opened upon arrival unless customs had inspected it and in that case there'd be a sticker on the door or something like that I received my furniture in tip top shape the container sealed with the same lock I had a picture of and every box accounted for within the window of time given to me by the sweetheart Steve Howard who helped me book my reservation with transparent.

Origin : Calabasas ,Ca
Destination : France

Quoted Price : $20,000.00
Actual Price : $19,700.00

No Photo Tito
March 7, 2018


Move to the UK

They assisted me in a door to door move with a bunch of packing and wrapping of boxes furniture and a few expensive art pieces. My rep Kyle came out to my home to give a visual estimate. After walking thru the home and getting an idea of exactly what was coming he was able to give me an accurate prI’ve for my shipment. I was able to leave my items with them in storage while I worked out some kinks on the other end and then they sent the items over to the other side of the pond. Very professional courteous staff , professional well mannored hard working crew. Very good experience. 5 star service!

Origin : Bayonne NJ
Destination : London England

Quoted Price : $3,987.00
Actual Price : $3,987.00

No Photo Mickey
February 9, 2018


My NY to Australia move with ...

My employer relocated me around the world. I was hoping since they started with the idea of relocating me that they would assist me with securing a relocation company. No such luck unfortunately. I knew nothing about moving around the world and on top of my already demanding schedule I now had to interview moving companies. I definitely learned a lot in the process and can probably train some of the people I wound up speaking to at other companies now :) I wound up speaking with Jamie from Transparent Logistics. He sounded pretty knowledgeable and i just felt comfortable with him. We setup an appointment to have one of his estimators come to my home to confirm the volume of my shipment which was rather large. Turns out we needed a full container for all of our stuff. We agreed on a price and I paid a deposit to book my move with them. I then received some documents to complete and my move was scheduled. Their offices contacted me a week prior to pickup just to confirm addresses and confirm we were ready for our scheduled pickup. On the day of the move a crew of 4 guys came to my home and got to work. We opted to pack our own boxes so all of that was good to go. They wrapped all of our furniture very carefully. The foreman Wilfredo was very detailed when wrapping my stuff. He made sure there was no bare furniture left in sight. It was all covered with that wrapping that they use. The container arrived at my home a couple of hours later and the crew loaded everything quickly. I was surprised to see it take just a little over 2 hours total to load the container. These guys did not play. Wilfredo and his team were extremely efficient. At the end they used some wood to make sure my stuff did not move with the ocean waves and we sealed the container and off my stuff went. I will say that there werent frequent updates once the container went but I guess it really wasnt needed. They provided me with a tracking number where I could see the eta for my container. When it got closer I felt they should have called me but I wound up calling them to ask what happens next. They explained that their people in Australia would contact me when the ship gets a little closer and that eventually did happen. They explained the process to clear customs and what happens after that so that calmed me down a little. After my items cleared customs they finally scheduled my delivery and that went off without a hitch. The delivery crew was accommodating to some of my requests and that was appreciated. Ethan at delivery went a really long way to make sure I had a good experience and I can truly say from a-z things went smoothly. Definitely thank you to all of the staff at Transparent for making this a smooth relocation for me.

Origin : Battery Park, NY
Destination : Sydney, Australia

Quoted Price : $11,200.00
Actual Price : $11,200.00

No Photo Jonathan
December 19, 2017


My relocation to Paris

The staff over at Transparent gave me a crash course in international moving where as before they reached out to me i knew little to nothing about moving my home to France They helped map out all the details and laid out an almost down to the penny price on the first phone call and after doing some research i decided to contract them to handle my shipment On the move day the crew showed up and wrapped everything nice and neat loaded the truck and were on their way fairly quick i was quoted a delivery time of 4-6 weeks and it showed up right smack in the middle around 5 weeks in I would highly recommend Transparent if your'e looking for top notch service at a reasonable price

Origin : West New York NJ
Destination : Paris FR

Quoted Price : $6,500.00
Actual Price : $6,725.00

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