What Is the Gas Mileage of a U-Haul Truck Rental?
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U-Haul Truck Rental and its Gas Mileage

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Asked by Jacyra

March 18, 2022 under Moving Companies

Let’s explore the gas mileage of U-Haul, so that we can prepare our move accordingly.

Answered by Staff Writer

March 18, 2022

Are you thinking to use the U-Haul truck rental service for your next move? You just need to pay a rent of $19.95 and enjoy a good deal in your next move.

Considering its capacity and weight, the gas mileage of a U-Haul truck is comparatively better than your personal vehicle. Also, you need to understand the weight of a fully loaded moving truck would be 170% of the weight of an empty truck. Every U-Haul truck has an automatic transmission feature that doesn't need any specific license to drive. Moreover, the gas mileage of a rental truck is based on the type of truck you will rent.

How do you estimate miles per gallon of U-Haul rental?

While calculating the budget of a DIY move, you should always consider the price of gas and the gas mileage of your moving truck. This will give you an idea of the overall cost of your move and how many times you may have to pull over for the gas at the time of the drive.

Here we will round up each U-Haul truck rental as per their estimated miles for every gallon.

8-Foot Pickup Truck

If you are making a small move and want to save money, consider renting an 8-foot pickup truck. It could be an ideal choice when you need to make a local move or move a one-bedroom apartment. Also, it is commonly used by students for moving into a college dorm.

An 8-foot moving truck has sufficient capacity to support up to 1980 lbs. This is equivalent to moving a double-bed or moving multiple boxes.

  • Fuel Tank Capacity- 34 gallons
  • Miles per gallon- 19 mpg

Cargo Van

If you need to move a little more than a double bed along with a few possessions, a cargo van could be a good option.

  • A cargo van is fuel efficient mostly when you have to make a local move.
  • This moving vehicle can hold up to 4000 lbs, which can include a few moving boxes and a queen mattress set.
  • You can easily move a studio apartment or a small apartment in a cargo van.
  • The fuel tank capacity of a cargo van is 26 gallons and miles per gallon is 19mpg.

10-foot truck

This is a common choice among college students who are moving into college dorms as well as those moving into a small house. The moving truck can hold approximately 2800 lbs of household items. Mattresses, small beds, and moving boxes are a few such items that you can move in a 10-foot truck.

  • Fuel Tank Capacity- 31 gallons
  • Miles per gallon- 12 mpg

15-foot truck

  • This moving truck can hold over 6000 pounds and can be an excellent choice for moving a one or two-bedroom house.
  • The fuel tank capacity of this moving vehicle is 40 gallons and the miles per gallon is 10 mpg.

17-foot truck

This is an average rental truck offered by U-Haul, which can hold a weight of approximately 6000 pounds and 2-3 bedrooms apartments or even larger ones. The fuel tank capacity of a 17-foot truck is 40 gallons and the miles per gallon is 10 mpg.

20-foot truck

  • This moving truck can handle a weight of 5605 pounds, and it is an ideal choice for moving a two- or three-bedroom apartment.
  • The bigger cab of the truck will fit can conveniently accommodate three adults and would be the best for a long-distance move.
  • The fuel capacity of this moving truck is 40 gallons and its miles per gallon is 10 mpg.

26-foot truck

It is the largest truck available with the U-Haul truck rental company, specifically designed for residential moves. You can rent this truck if you are looking forward to moving an apartment or house with over four bedrooms. This rental truck can hold a maximum capacity of 7500 pounds. The fuel tank capacity of this vehicle is 57 gallons and it's miles per gallon are 10 mpg.

How to calculate the gas mileage?

You need to find out the gas price first before you calculate the mileage of a moving truck. Generally, a 16-foot truck and a 10-foot cargo van will make use of regular gas while larger vehicles like the 26-foot truck use diesel fuel.

Overall, the cost of diesel fuel is more than regular fuel, so you should consider checking the average current national gas price as well as gas price in all the states which you plan to drive through.



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