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How Big are U-Box Containers?

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Asked by Jane

March 22, 2022 under Self Storage

All about the U-Box

Answered by Katherine Broome

March 22, 2022

Using a moving container when you move is a great way to save money. U-Haul is an extremely popular moving company, and they offer the U-Box, their version of a moving container. To learn more about the U-Box, and other moving containers, read on.

U-Haul's U-Box

U-Haul's U-Box: What Is It?

You probably already know U-Haul, the budget-friendly moving truck rental company. They have recently entered a new territory; moving containers. The U-Box is U-Haul's answer to the moving container craze. The U-Box is a portable container, used for both moving and storage.

We like how versatile the U-Box is. U-Haul can deliver your containers, or you can go pick them up yourself using U-Haul's U-Box trailer. If you are interested, U-Haul also offers professional movers to deliver your U-Box, load it, and then they will deliver it to your new home. You can also ship the U-Box internationally, so if you have an international move, you could use the U-Box.

How Big Is The U-Box?

The inside dimensions of a U-Box are:

4'8" (wide) x 7’11” (long) x 6’11” (tall)

The outside dimensions of a U-Box are:

5’ (wide) x 8’ (long) x 7’5” (tall)

The capacity of a U-Box is 257 cubic feet, and it can hold about 2,000 pounds. The box sits about six inches off the ground, so you don’t have to worry about your belongings getting wet if you have rain or snow.

The U-Box can hold about one to one and a half rooms worth of items in it. It can hold a California King bed (diagonally), as well as boxes, furniture, or whatever else you choose to put in it.

How The U-Box Is Built

The U-Box is made quite differently than other moving containers. The U-Box is made out of heavy-duty, premium plywood and is covered with a weather-resistant fabric tarp. This type of building reduces the likelihood of mold and mildew, protecting your furniture and belongings inside. They also include a door for you to enter and place your belongings inside.

How Many U-Boxes Will I Need?

If you don’t know how many containers to get, U-Haul offers an estimator tool to help you determine how much you have, and how many boxes you will need.

We like the fact that U-Haul will not charge you for extra, unused boxes. For instance, if you order four U-Boxes and only use three, then you will get refunded the money for the unused container.

Pros and Cons

Here is our list of pros and cons for the U-Box:

You decide if you want to drive your container or have it delivered The container is of lesser quality and may not hold up long-term
You only pay for the containers you used The containers are small, so you will need to order more to move
U-Box can be shipped internationally  
U-Haul is a very reliable and trusted company  

U-Box Cost

We set up a fake move using U-Box to see what the cost would be. We made fake reservations moving from Houston to San Diego packing up a three-bedroom home. Here's what we found:

Movers.com U-Box reservation

Once we finalized all the details, we chose to have U-Haul pick up and drop off the U-Boxes. We chose to add on moving supplies that U-Haul recommended, and also used the recommended insurance plan ($5,000 worth of insurance) for an extra $72. The moving supplies came to $284, and our grand total for the containers was $3,181.75.

Overall, the price is pretty good considering hiring a moving company would be more.

All in all, using a U-Box for your move is a great option. It is cheaper than using professional movers and cuts out the stress from driving a moving truck.

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