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Which Moving Container gives the best value?

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Asked by George

March 18, 2022 under Moving Companies

Read on to find those moving containers that give the best value.

Answered by Staff Writer

March 18, 2022

Moving containers can be the most cost-effective to make a move with a professional driver. But you should be careful, otherwise, you will end up paying more than you might have bargained for. A moving container is cheaper to rent compared to hiring professional movers. Also, these portable moving containers would offer more flexibility in terms of a moving timeline to the customers. The customers will even have a place to store their furniture both before and after their move.

There are several moving container and storage companies, which you can consider checking. We suggest you check the nine companies listed below, which are known for providing quality services.

U-Pack's Relocube

U-Pack offers the most feasible moving container service for long-distance moves. Also, it is 60% cheaper than the other moving container companies. Relocube is the branded shipping container provided by U-Pack available in 70 x 82 x 93. U-Pack even offers an exclusive policy, as per which you need to pay only for what you are using.

  • The U-Pack's Relocube service is available in every state.
  • The rates offered by U-Pack are cheaper than those offered by their competitors.
  • This moving container company will drop its trailer or Relocube at the location requested by you.
  • You will be given three working days within which you will have to pack your belongings into the moving container.

However, with U-Haul's Relocube you won't get access to the on-site storage services, and you need to rent them for a minimum of 150 miles. This service would be the best if you aren't sure how much space your belongings would be occupying. Also, you can purchase the assured delivery option supported by 100% customer satisfaction assurance. If U-Pack is unable to deliver your container at the assigned date, your transportation charges would be reduced to a great extent, sometimes 100% even.

The average cost of renting a Relocube would be $950 per room, which beats the competitors by approximately $140.


The 1-800-Packrat is known for offering the best value for a middle-size house or apartment. So, if you are making a big move, perhaps this moving container company will offer you the best deal with multiple discounts. Overall, the 1-800-Packrat is one of the costliest moving container companies, but if you go deep into it, you will understand how it provides a good deal in all possible situations.

Regardless of the type of move you need to make; this moving container company will recommend to you their biggest as well as the costliest container. This will make it more expensive than other companies for making a small move and might also escalate its average cost.

Cost Calculation

If you need to move 1000 miles or more with a house worth item of over three bedrooms, the average cost will reduce by 40% as compared to the competitor's price. So, the average cost of moving a three-plus bedroom apartment would be $4210 for a 1-800-Packrat, while for other top companies it would be $4250.

Pros and Cons

  • This moving container company attributes a wide variety of online resources like checklists, blogs as well as online space calculators among a few others.
  • The storage containers offered by them are weather-resistant, well-secured, and sturdy.
  • Online booking of such containers isn't possible and it’s services are only available in 30 states.
  • The 1-800-Pack-Rat will offer you moving containers on a 30-day rental basis. You can extend it for another 30 days by paying an additional charge as you might need more time for packing and unpacking your belongings.

Moving container size

  • An 8-foot container would be ideal for a one- or two-bedroom apartment.
  • A 12-foot container is suitable for moving a two to a three-bedroom house.
  • A 16-foot container is appropriate for moving a three-to-four-bedroom apartment.

Also, the company offers a 12-foot moving container when you are renting them for a local move.


PODs can be an ideal choice if you need to make a short-distance move. It’s the best option for a move less than 150 miles.

Pros and Cons

  • The biggest advantage of the PODs is that they’re available nationwide.
  • The moving containers provided by the company are sturdy.
  • The charges are low if you are making a move less than 500 miles.
  • You can’t get online quotes if you want to rent moving containers from the PODs.
  • While taking the quotes you should be careful as it doesn’t always include taxes. So, you might end up doing wrong calculations for your move.

POD’s cost of moving less than 150 miles and for below 500 miles

Small house $820
Medium apartment $940
Big apartment $1940

If you rent a moving container from the PODs for a move under 500 miles, you may need to pay a price that would be lesser than many leading moving container companies.

U-Haul's U-Box

U-Box is the leading moving container company for making the long-distance move of around 1850 miles.

Pros and Cons

  • U-Box's services are available nationally.
  • It offers low-cost moving container services.
  • You can easily get online quotes for your move.
  • The drawback with U-Box is that it has a flimsy construction, and you will have to pay an additional delivery fee of $99 for every moving container you rent.

Average Cost

Single-bedroom apartment $1680
Two-bedroom house $2340
Three-bedroom house $2940
Five-room apartment $4420

If you are making a move of $1850 miles with U-Box, you will have to pay $3060, which is comparatively less than its competitors.

Overall, U-Pack offers the best deal among the other moving container companies listed above. The customers have always appreciated it for the friendly services and spontaneous delivery it provides. We recommend you consider each of the options thoroughly and choose the one that best suits your requirements as well as your budget.

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